Fantasy Football Week 2

After knocking me out of the playoffs in fantasy baseball, you would think Offord would have the decency to allow me to win football this week. 

I debated about Heyward-Bey versus Da’Rel Scott.  It looks like Scott would have helped me close the margin to one point.  If I started Jermaine Gresham over Witten, I would have won.  Honestly though, who would have done that.  Witten had a great week one.  I decided to drop Scott and try to pick up James Starks, hopefully I win that waiver battle. 

This week I take on Dustin (seriously, three weeks in a row, I am taking on the same person I am going up against in baseball, that is weird).  I am now 1-1 and in third place.  Offord is in first place and my brother is in second place.  Speaking of my brother, his team decided to only score 125.20.  I guess he will not be setting any records for most points in a season.