Fantasy Football Week 3

This was the third week in a row that I took on the same person in football as baseball.  And just like the previous weeks, however the baseball match-up went, so did the football.  How odd is that?

I was actually losing by like 70 points going into the Steelers game on Sunday night.  Then Antonio Brown decided to have a monster game and it looked like I was right back in the game.  All I needed was like 25 points from Peyton Manning.  I think he had that in the first five minutes of the game.

I am in desperate need of a running back.  Ray Rice says he will be back this week, but can I really take that chance.  I think my brother should trade me one of his for my backup quarterback.  I may also be willing to listen to trades for one of my receivers.

This week I take on Jarrod and I should be able to pick up an easy win.  I am undecided on whether or not to start San Francisco or St. Louis.  I feel like the 49ers defense has to be better than they have been.

I am in 3rd place behind Offord and Amanda.  My brother lost again last week and is now in 7th place, but he still has scored the most points in the league.  With more crappy performances though, that point average is dropping quickly.  I see Matt Schaub in his future…