How to Fix Star Wars

This video has four ways to make Star Wars great again.  I am confused though, I thought getting JJ Abrams to direct the new movies was the good start.  I do not think Abrams needs a letter sent to him to figure out how to make a movie.  That said, I have a feeling that people will complain no matter what.  That is what people do.  The italicized parts are from the video and I will respond after it.
1. The Setting is the Frontier.
Star Wars doesn’t happen in the city. It doesn’t happen in parliament. Or in the library. It happens out here. Away from civilization. Amidst smugglers and bounty hunters. Star Wars is a western. And it’s set in the frontier.

I actually agree with this to a point.  I might not call it a western or the frontier, but the originals were set out in the fringe parts of the galaxy.  That is where rebellion would most likely spring up (look at all the great empires in history).  

2. The Future is Old
Star Wars’ beauty isn’t clean. It isn’t new. It’s dirty. Gritty. Second hand world. The beauty of the frontier.

Most people have mentioned that the prequels were shown to be clean because that was the golden age of civilization, but that when the Empire takes over and the rebellion springs up, instead of making nice pretty ships, they go for function.  They crank out some X-Wings much faster and cheaper than those Naboo fighters.
I never really bought that part of it.  I could see if we established that it was hundreds of years after the fall of the Republic, which did not really fall, the Empire just sort of takes over (Lucas crafted this almost exactly with the fall of the Roman Republic).  Unfortunately, the analogy has to end there because when the Empire springs up in Rome, the civilization actually gets a little stronger for a bit, then starts to degrade over many generations.
In the original trilogy, we see the gritty, dirty parts, but there would still be nice shiny parts out there.  I am sure that the entire galaxy remained virtually the same when the Emperor took over.
3. The Force is MysteriousWe don’t always need an explanation. The greatest power of the force, is the sense of magic. That comes from the unknown.

I definitely agree with this part.  So allow me to get this right:  the Force is just some weird bacteria inside some people.  You can test anyone fairly quickly to see if they could become a Jedi.  So how come when all the Jedi are eliminated and all we have left is Vader and the Emperor they did not use those testing measures at hospitals?  Kill any children born with a high midi-chlorian count, make sure no one can grow up to supplant you, right?

Abrams needs to get back to the mysterious aspect of it.  I always loved the idea in the books of Luke trying to bring back the Jedi, but he has no clue how to actually train them.  His training was pretty short (I am hoping that his training was not just him doing handstands and running in the jungle, I always assumed he was there for a few months with Yoda).  That would be a cool idea to explore, these new Jedi should not look or behave like the ones in the prequels.

Something else I actually enjoyed about the prequels was the idea of the prophecy, that someone would bring balance to the force (and once the prequels are over, Anakin did bring balance–he and the Emperor versus Yoda and Obi-Wan).  Does the Force have some sort of self-correcting mechanism that wants there to be a Dark Side? 

I would love to see the major bad guy be someone who is not evil, but instead trying to push an embrace of the Light/Dark.  This was in one of the Young Jedi books, but it was not fully fleshed out.  Instead it was just something the guy kept saying, but he was really just trying to get them to fall to the Dark Side. 

Can someone explain to me Obi-Wan and Yoda’s plan?  They know about Luke and Leia, but instead of taking them to Dagobah to train, they both just chill.  They watch the Empire grow in power and see these horrible atrocities happen and do nothing.  I am sure there are some excuses, but Obi-Wan was still in his prime, he could have went after Vader and maybe beat him.  Sorry for the little rant.

4. Star Wars Isn’t Cute.
Walk into the wrong bar, lose your arm. Don’t pay your debts? End up in carbonite. The frontier is a dangerous place. It’s never cute! Or silly! It’s not child-proofed! It’s freaking Star Wars! And Han ALWAYS shoots first.

Apparently this guy never saw Return of the Jedi.  Of course it is going to be cute.  These movies are aimed at young people.  Since there will always be toys attached with these movies, then there will always be a cuteness about them.

This is where I have faith in Abrams.  It is possible to straddle that line.  I cannot imagine him introducing a Jar-Jar or more cute robot legions.  I imagine that we will see people die, but like in the original trilogy, you will never see blood or anything gruesome.

Hopefully this new trilogy will be good.  I think people need to stop acting like the original trilogy was the greatest masterpiece in cinematic history and that over time George Lucas kept ruining it.  Just sit back and enjoy these movies for what they are:  a new chapter in the story.