Near Death

Did you guys know that it was monsoon season in central Pennsylvania?  I did not realize it either.  Or maybe my car teleported to somewhere that has typhoons or something.

It was pouring down rain today on my way to work.  My car hydroplaned and for the first time in my life, I thought for sure I was going to flip my car.  I spun at least five times, crossing lanes and going into the grass median.  The car slid all the way up the grass and was just about into the oncoming traffic lane.

I had to laugh because I could see people slowing down to stare at me.  Not one of those assholes stopped to see if was alright.  Although, who would have stopped?  Probably a cool thing to see some car just start spinning out of control.  My heart was pounding pretty good when I got to work.

Here is a video of what it sort of looked like.