NFL Pick ‘Em Week 2 and Fantasy Football Week 1

I was right that I would go 1-14 last week.  At least this week I was able to set my picks on time.  I am currently in 9th place.  Looks like I will have to have a great week in order to make up some ground on everyone.  Not a great way to start this week either, thanks New England…

Before anyone (mainly my brother) has a heart attack about how I post about fantasy baseball each week, but nothing about fantasy football, allow me to explain.  My plan was to post fantasy football results here until the end of the baseball playoffs.

As I said earlier in the week, I beat Pat in both football and baseball this week.  As I said early on, this league goes heavily in favor of quarterbacks.  Some people did not really pay attention to that fact (and no, Pat is not one of those people).  After the Broncos game, I almost beat Pat with just Peyton Manning.

Needless to say, Manning was my best player this week.  I need another RB, but it may not be that big of a deal at the moment.  I need Bowe to step up and have some of those big games he is capable of having.  If Manning has a normal game (say 50 points) then I lose.

236.40 points was not the highest score of the week.  My brother actually scored 317.50 points last week.  He had some huge games from a few interesting players.  I honestly do not believe those will be repeatable.  I am also curious to see if that is the highest score of the season or if we see some more 300 point weeks.  400 points would be amazing…

I am currently in second place and I take on Offord this week who scored 232.00 points.  We are  projected for a very good match-up.