Pittsburgh Fresh

Clipped from http://www.pittsburghfresh.com/index.html

Pittsburgh Fresh is a company that offers a delivery service to the folks who workout at the CrossFit Gyms in Pittsburgh.  Judging by my facebook, this CrossFit thing is pretty popular and I figured I would help my friend Steve out by pointing some of those folks in the direction of this awesome service.

If you are wondering what a paleolithic diet is, allow me to briefly explain.  The idea is that you only eat what ancient humans would have had, so meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, etc.  The big thing you exclude is grain.  I would like to point out that I do not believe that grain is evil, but I can see the value of eating this diet.  Sorry, I enjoy my bread a little too much.
This is probably great for folks who are hardcore workout junkies though, since you get a higher amount of protein.  I will allow you to do the research on the subject and form your own opinion.
This is something that Steve is very passionate about and I hope that anyone in Pittsburgh who is able to use this service will jump on it.  Also, everyone should convince Steve to start his own catering company.  Just throwing that out there.