Royal Pains

I have not written much about this show this year, but that does not mean I have not been watching it.  Here is what has been going on and my thoughts about it.

-Divya is pregnant with the Polo player’s baby.  They are not together, he is still in Argentina or something.  Most of this season has dealt with her coming to grips with the idea of being a single mother and also informing her family.

-Evan and Paige are having marital problems.  Evan is running for village council and this is putting a strain on his marriage.  Plus, for most of the season Paige was jealous of Evan and Divya’s friendship.  Although, I hated the whole birthday party in Italy mix-up.  Evan is sometimes portrayed a little too idiotic.

Evan won the village council position, but learns that the county they live in does not allow online ministers to perform marriages, so Evan and Paige are not technically married.  I have a feeling this will end up being something that causes Paige to rethink their marriage.  In the end though, Evan will convince her.

-Hank has had an interesting summer.  He was injured at the end of last season and it had major ramifications on this season.  He had a brain injury and after it he was still in pain.  This caused him to become addicted to pain medication.  He went to Jeremiah for a prescription, but Jeremiah only gave him five pills to help ween him off.

Hank later went to a pain clinic for more medication.  He used one of those pills to help a patient, who was injured.  There was a whole bunch of crap with the cop and his daughter (most annoying subplot ever).

Now though, there is an investigation about whether Hank was impaired while he treated patients.  It is funny how they just copied House on this one.  Although, at least they figured out how to get Hank off the pain meds in a few episodes.  Turns out he had a misdiagnosed injury that caused him to have residual pain.  He gets a quick procedure and all is better.

Unfortunately, there could be ramifications.  The company that bought HankMed could fire Hank if they feel he is a liability.  Jeremiah quit HankMed because he felt that Hank used him because he knew that Jeremiah would not stand up to him about the pills.

-Speaking of Jeremiah, he is still in love with Divya.  Fortunately, she now knows this and is trying to get him to say it.  Good luck with that one…

For those that watch the show, what have you thought of this season?  It is good, but nowhere near as fun or interesting as it has been in the past.  It still has some fun moments though.