The Scarecrow

This is an upcoming marketing campaign for a video game on iPads or something.  The actual video is pretty cool, especially with the Fiona Apple cover of the song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The game comes from the restaurant, Chipotle, and after you watch it, think about the message they are sending.

Chipotle is against genetically modified animals/plants and I guess they only serve free-range animals or something.  I love how in the video they show how horrible the big Crow Food Company is with treating their animals, yet they never show the nice and humane way that the Scarecrow butchers his cow and pigs to make those yummy burritos.

Here is a nice article from Skeptoid about the GMO debate.  I hope that everyone will just read it and then go to the bottom and look into the further reading section to form your own opinion.