Under the Dome: Episode 111

Some pretty cool stuff happened during this episode.  There was also some idiotic stuff that happened, but we shall overlook that for the moment.

-It appears that the Freaky Four (I coined that term on my own) has some power over the weather in the dome.  When Junior decides to leave it starts a weird tornado inside the dome.  Then Angie convinces him to come back and the tornado stops.  Although, Joe thinks it was because Barbie saved Julia.

-Julia was shot!  That awesome.  Maxine put a bullet in her chest and Barbie had to suck air out of her lungs in order to save her.  Not only was he a super-soldier, but he is also a field medic and maybe House.

-Maxine finds her dead mom and is ready for Barbie and Big Jim’s trap.  Fortunately Barbie had a backup plan and when the lights go out, he takes her and the bodyguard down.  On the way out though, Big Jim shoots them both and goes to kill Barbie.  Luckily, Barbie is a super-soldier and hits Big Jim in the throat and disarms him.

-As awesome as that part was, the next part was pretty idiotic.  Linda (worst cop ever) shows up and she thinks that Barbie is a maniacal murderer who shot Julia.  Where did she get her information?  From Big Jim, who admitted to her that he was creating a drug empire with Maxine.  She then goes to arrest Barbie, but he hits her in the head and runs away.

-Seriously, Linda is pretty awful.  She tries to shoot Barbie.  As he is running away.  He is probably 150 yards away.  She is still yelling that she will shoot.  She has a pistol!  Do you know how hard it would be to hit someone from that distance with a 9mm???  She would know that!  Just a complete idiot.

-Big Jim has went on the radio to announce that Barbie is an enemy of the state and needs to be brought in to stand trial.  Also, the lady at the radio station heard the military say something about Barbie being the one they were looking for and that he is inside the dome.

-The Freaky Four touched the dome together and they had a vision of Big Jim standing there with some blood pouring out of him from knife wounds.  When they all looked down, they were holding knives.  It seems pretty obvious that the dome wants them to kill Big Jim.  I wonder how Junior will handle that?  Also, Joe thinks that Barbie is their Monarch.

Are there two episodes left?  Will we finally learn why the dome is there?  Probably not.   I can see this getting a second season.  Maybe they will introduce some more characters.  These small towns never have a shortage of people.

2 thoughts on “Under the Dome: Episode 111

  1. The ratings have been really good, so I think we’ll definitely see a second season.

    Why did Barbie run away from Linda? Dumb move. I’ve seen enough Law & Order that they could have figured that Big Jim pulled the trigger to kill Maxine and the other guy (plus get fingerprints of Big Jim at Maxine’s mom’s house).

    1. By season five they will have the Harlem Globetrotters showing up. “Hey, we were in town for a charity event, anyone wanna play some hoops?”

      Ballistics would have matched Big Jim’s gun. Granted, Linda probably has no forensic skills (she has absolutely zero skills that I know of). Yeah, running really seems like a horrible idea. Definitely makes you look guilty. Although, Big Jim does realize that when Julia comes to she will identify Maxine as her shooter. I am guessing he will have to somehow snuff her out as well.

      Speaking of Julia, did you think she was shot in the upper clavicle area, it seemed really high for a lung shot or whatever was hit. Judging by the blood stain when she was first hit.

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