Under the Dome: Episode 112

I had to go OnDemand to get the last fifteen minutes of this episode.  Then, I was forced to watch the whole episode because for some reason you cannot fast-forward OnDemand episodes.  Not really the best thing ever, since the episode was not that good.  Actually, where it ended originally for me was probably where it should have stopped.

This was one of those episodes that sets up a finale.  Angie and Barbie rescue Julia from the hospital.  Barbie gets arrested.  Big Jim has the citizens going after Barbie by looking in everyone’s homes.  Julia wakes up and says that she was shot by some woman.  I think some other stuff happened too.

The chrysalis is starting to hatch, but something tells me that will not give us any answers.  Since the show has been extended to a second season, I am betting they will drag out the purpose of the dome.  Unfortunately, someone on a message board about this episode ruined how the book ended.  I am hoping the show goes a different route.