Under the Dome: Episode 113

The finale was umm…pretty silly at times.  We did not really learn anything about the dome, just that it is somehow supposed to protect the people of Chesters Mills from something.  I am guessing that the dome comes from aliens.  That is the only thing that makes sense (I am betting that they will also be called angels, have to tie in the ancient alien crowd).

Here are some of the silly things that happened:

-Linda decides that the mini-dome needs to be taken under police custody.  She also does not seem to think that it is anything spectacular.  Then she touches it and gets zapped.  For some reason, she also thinks that Big Jim is the guy to help run the town, since he admitted to starting a drug business.

-Phil and the other new deputy attack Barbie who is being saved by Julia and Angie.  None of them thought to ask Julia why she was saving the man who supposedly shot her.  In fact, during the entire trial of Barbie, this is never mentioned.

-Also, stupid Stoner Kid sees the mini-dome going black and then looks outside and somehow does not make the connection that the mini-dome is controlling the larger dome (Linda also seems to not notice this idea).

-Julia is the Monarch.  The aliens (that is what I am calling the ghost of Norie’s mom) told them that the egg needed protecting.  Julia is ordered to bring it to Big Jim or Barbie dies.  She takes it to the lake and drops it in the water.  It explodes into pink light and the blackness goes away from the dome.  The episode ends with the dome turning white.

Here is my prediction of what will happen next season:  Barbie will be spared at the last second.  Three new characters will be introduced.  Probably a guy from the other side of town, who has been holed up at his own place.  Maybe a couple of young people, to go against the Dome4 (like that name?).  Hopefully the characters will be less stupid next season…

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  1. This show started off so strong, but has certainly not lived up to the first few episodes. I guess I’ll watch it again next summer, but it has to get better again quickly, or I’m done.

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