Best IT Response Ever

When I got to work today, I noticed that our computer had changed screen resolution and all of my icons were extremely large.  I sent our I.T. department a quick email asking them to fix the resolution (I tried, but I did not have admin permission).  I made a joke about the large icons making me feel like an old man.  A few minutes later, one of the I.T. guys called to tell me he fixed it.  I then received an email a few hours later from one of the other I.T. guys.  It cracked me up.

This is XXXX at the IT HelpDesk. Your quick crack below about YOU feeling like an old man while trying to read icons at 1028 resolution was a cheap shot my friend. ( It’s absolutely TRUE my friend, but you really made me feel older than I actually am by taking the shot.
I normally tell any of the (very young sounding) girls that might call into the HelpDesk for IT’s help when I’m the On Call guy in the middle of the night –  that they are so young sounding that  I probably have shoes older than them. (Which  is most likely  a TRUE statement too!!!!) They all seem to love to hear that news. But then, I’ve never met a female who didn’twant to hear that about herself,) and it helps me to keep in perspective the fact that some of us (me – mainly) really are getting older, and it’s not always happening gracefully.)
Then – my male compatriots, who shouldbe offering the real old timers amongst us at least some slim modicum of aging support, especially any of us who are really nearing genuine retirement age – yeah! I’m gonna be about 60 years old  in just a few more months. That knowledge actually stings my ego a bit – and – it really is a little scarey.  To boot, it has crept up WAY, WAY, WAY too fast.
I’m looking for a screen now, that I can set at 800 X 600 rez and still get all of my work to fit on it.
Don’t let it creep up to fast on you too my friend.
Oh well, just know that “The Truth Hurts” some times.
Enjoy and have a great day,
(And I’m just trying to respond with humor in kind!)

There is actually some pretty good advice in there, as well as some funny jokes.