Fantasy Football Week 4

This lack of running backs is killing me.  I really want to make a trade with someone.  I wonder who I should target…

This week I take on Jim, who is in 9th place.  I am currently in 4th place with a 2-2 record.  Offord is leading the league at 4-0, followed by Amanda, then my brother.  I need to go on a winning streak.

I would like to mention that in Sean’s league I am 3-1 and currently winning my division.  Last week I destroyed my opponent.  I have decided that since he won my baseball league, I will win his football league.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week 4

  1. I have ample injured running backs that I’d be happy to deal to you. You like running backs with broken necks? Bam! Ahmad Bradshaw! Running backs with bad knees? Bam! James Starks! Running backs with bones made out of the aged gum from 1988 Topps baseball cards? Bam! Darren McFadden!

    I got you covered, buddy!

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