Fantasy Football Week 5

I think that the Jim should stick to hockey, apparently football is not his most knowledgeable sport.  He should have known you do not have a chance against my team.  Okay, that is probably not true, but it is fun to act like I am an unstoppable force.  My victory this week was the largest margin of victory, 121.70 points (for those of you who cannot do math).

So my brother is offering me Adrian Peterson for Peyton Manning.  I obviously cannot take that trade.  Manning is just worth way too many points.  He is averaging 69.78 points per week.  I am sorry, but there is no player that is worth that to me. 

Adam would definitely need to include someone else, maybe Victor Cruz (and even then, he would still be getting the better deal).  That is how good Manning has been this season in this league with the current scoring.  I mean, the second highest total point total is from Phillip Rivers, who has 265.00 points.  Manning has 348.90 points this season!

I am in second place now at 3-2.  Offord is still in first, but he lost for the first time this season.  He lost to Dustin (he actually got his first win) and that was pretty much because Tony Romo had 103.30 points, if he has a normal week, Offord wins a close one.  My brother is in 7th place, but he still has the third most points in the league.