Fantasy Football Week 6 & NFL Pick ‘Em Week 7

This is what happens when Peyton Manning under performs his projections, as well as almost every single player.  In fact, I was so pissed about losing to Jason and dropping to sixth place with a 3-3 record that I decided to trade Manning and Ray Rice to Pat for Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, and Alfred Morris.  Originally I was trying to get Marshawn Lynch, but Pat was not going for that.

I know it seems like a drastic move, but with Rice not playing well and Antonio Brown being my only solid receiver, I figured the time was now to change things up.  Unfortunately Manning was my only bargaining chip.  Especially since Matt Schaub got hurt (and decided to be terrible the previous few weeks).

My brother tried to offer me Adrian Peterson, Anquan Boldin, Golden Tate, and Colin Kaepernick for Manning and Jason Witten.  Later in the week he tried to sweeten it by excluding Witten.  I was quite tempted by this offer, but I just do not like CK as my QB.  Sorry brotha!

This week I take on James, who is in next to last place.  I should be able to beat him pretty easily, regardless of which lineup I trot out there.  Offord is still in first place and Pat is in second.  My brother is in 8th.

I cannot explain why my picks have been so terrible this year.  Last week I was 6-9, which brings me to 30-61.  I am four behind Lindsey and 18 behind the leader.  Ugh, this is about dreadful.

On some positive notes, in the Pittsburgh Bloggers FFL I am 5-1 and in sole possession of first place.  Also, over at TIGO, I am tied for first (well I am in second because Brad is beating me in the tiebreaker) in picking the college games.  At least I have something going for me.