Fantasy Football Week 7 & NFL Pick ‘Em Week 8

The trade seemed to go well for me.  I destroyed James.  That was to be expected.  Obviously he pays attention.  He did not even set his lineup.  I do not think it would have mattered though.  I love that so many of my players under perform and then Robbie Gould, San Francisco and Laurinaitis perform above their projections.  I loved it.

I am in third place with a 4-3 record.  This week I take on my brother, who likes to talk a good amount of smack for someone with a losing record.  He keeps telling me how terrible my team is, yet my team has outscored him this season.  I am sure he will offer some excuses or something.  Whatever bro!  I do not want to hear any crying when I beat you with three of my guys on bye week.  Dear Ben Roethlisberger, please have a huge week, I know you are capable.  Also, dear Jacksonville:  destroy Colin Kaepernick.

Last week I was 8-7!  I am now 37-68, I am only two behind Lindsey.  Also, only five behind my mom.  My brother is in first place with a 55-50 record.

Over at TIGO, I did take over first place.  Also, in my other football league, I am still in first place, even though I did lose last week.