Fantasy Football Week 8

Congratulations Adam, you beat me!  He does not like to admit that he only beat me because Philip Rivers was on a bye week.  Obviously Rivers would have scored 83 points.  I know what you are probably thinking (my brother said the same thing) “you still would have lost.”  Allow me to explain what Rivers brings to my team.

Nice tackle dickwad!

You see, he is a leader.  He motivates guys to play better.  Bowe would have scored at least five points.  Witten puts up at least twelve if Rivers is playing.  And everyone knows that Laurinaitis clearly plays better defense when Rivers is his leader.  He would have at least had eleven points.

I actually thought that Laurinaitis would be inspired by Braxton Miller’s absolute destruction of Penn State and decide to play quarterback.  My prediction was that he would throw for 500 yards with nine touchdowns.  I should know better than to rely on a Buckeye.

I am now in sixth place at 4-4.  My brother is in fifth place.  Pat took over first place from Offord.  I take on Jessica this week, who is also 4-4.  Adam goes up against Pat.  I am rooting for Pat.  Sorry brother!

Over in the other league, I lost again.  I guess I should not have bragged about never losing again.  Oops.  I am now 5-2 in that one (although, most of my team was on bye for this week).