My Thoughts on Some Stuff

I am guessing that you have all noticed that I have not been around the last few days.  Do not worry, nothing bad happened, nor did I go anywhere.  I was just trying to recharge.  I was pretty much exhausted from everything last week and trying to get over being sick.  Also, it took me a few days to get caught back up at work.  Anyways, I will stop boring you with all that kind of stuff.  Instead, I will bore you with some of my thoughts on a few things.

College Football Helmets
I was listening to the radio on my way to work the other day and one of the football shows I listen to was discussing the Uni-Watch article about the number of helmets different teams are wearing.  One of the interesting things was how much money these schools have to pay for all these helmets.  It can cost $50,000 for a new specialty helmet.  That is just crazy to me.

The big question that the host was asking was how could this help with recruiting.  He just could not believe that a young kid would really care about the helmet.  It shocks me that the guy could be that naive.  It is not that a kid is looking at the uniforms and helmets for these schools going “I want to go there because they have cool helmets!”, but instead it is probably something that helps sell someone who is on the fence.

The other question was about if Penn State fans would like seeing the Nittany Lions with a special helmet or uniform.  The obvious answer is absolutely not!  But, then I thought about it.  I think if they ever wear a specialty helmet or uniform it should only be for one game and after the game they need to auction all of it off for charity (other schools said they do that as well).  It would be pretty cool if they wore a pink/black combo for breast cancer.  Especially since those were the colors before they switched to blue/white in 1890!

Loudoun Hounds
My Aunt Lori was telling me about how they are building a stadium for a minor league baseball team near her house.  It turns out that what she meant was the Loudoun Hounds.  They are actually an independent league team that plays in the Atlantic League.  The stadium looks pretty cool and I definitely want to go to a few games down there.  It is pretty crazy that the caliber of players will be between AA/AAA.

Actually the whole area, this One Loudoun, looks pretty damn cool.  I think it would be cool to own on the townhouses there.  Something tells me they are way out of my price range though.  Maybe Lindsey and I could start a restaurant there.  That would be pretty cool.

Penn State-Michigan Game
Just watch this long highlight and tell me this was not an awesome game.  Unfortunately I was at a wedding.  When they were down by seven with 37 seconds to go, I assumed it was done.  I had no clue how awesome the catch was by Allen Robinson…

Arrow Stupidity

Even Ollie seems confused by Laurel leading the charge

I have a question for all of the assistant district attorneys reading this:  if you are trying to catch a homicidal vigilante, one that requires a heavy police manpower, fully decked out in riot gear, does the ADA come with them?  

On the last episode of Arrow, that is exactly what Laurel did.  All the cops are wearing bulletproof everything, and there she is in her pants suit.  I wish Ollie would just shoot her with an arrow.  She is the worst thing on that show.  I dislike her more than Thea (that is who everyone else that watches the show hates).

Blame the Women

If you read the entire article, well you will probably shake your head in dismay and keep checking to see if it was actually written by a woman.  I think the lady who wrote it was trying to point out how dangerous getting black-out drunk can be, for women and men.  Unfortunately, it comes off as “see ladies, you get what you deserve when you go out drinking.” 

Some of the reactions I have seen on twitter/facebook or in the comments of the article were pretty disgusting.  Here are a few:

If you (a girl) are dumb enough to get drunk in a bar and dress slutty, then whatever happens is your fault.

By that logic, if you decide to take a drive at say 1:00 a.m. and get hit by a drunk driver, it is also your fault.  Correct?  You should have known better than to be out when drunk people might be out.

Women need to behave themselves because guys cannot control their sexual urges when they are drunk.  Especially if a girl is dressed in revealing clothes.

How would we define revealing?  I mean, what if a guy is some Amish dude and he sees a girl’s knees, does he get to rape her because he cannot control his urges?

If someone burglarizes your house, it is their fault, but that isn’t a reason to leave your home unlocked.

Of course, this is exactly the same situation.  Not to mention that this guy is also comparing women to property.  He is probably a good Christian.

And Now a Star Wars Video
I will end things on a bit more positive note.  Here is the trailer for Empire Strikes Back.  When did movie trailers become what they are today?  This is just some concept art.