Shopping Trip in Pittsburgh Part 2

Lindsey and I drove down to the Washington Outlets in order to do a little shopping.  You may remember our last trip, wait, you do not remember the last trip?  Well you can read all about it here.  It started like any of our other shopping trips:  Lindsey trying on a thousand things at every store and me standing there saying if I like them or not.  Then she was out of money and it was time to go to a few stores that I wanted to check out.

I was able to get a shirt, tie, and belt for the wedding on Saturday at the Van Heusen store.  They also had a nice button up shirt that was on sale for $17.  We next went to Banana Republic.  I bought some more polos, another plain t-shirt (they are like $8), a vest, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweater.  After that we stopped at American Eagle and I bought a pair of jeans.

It was pretty exciting to get to pull a Lindsey.  By that I mean, grabbing a bunch of clothes and trying them all on.  We left the outlets and went to Olive Garden.  Thanks to my family for giving us a gift card for there!

2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip in Pittsburgh Part 2

  1. You big spender! That’s probably more money than I’ve spent on clothes in the last two years combined.

    (Yes, I wear jeans and a t-shirt every single day.)

    1. This was the first time in a long time that I actually spent a bunch for non-work clothes. I feel like any time I buy clothes it is for shirts/ties.

      And Lindsey would prefer it if i did not wear a t-shirt and jeans for every occasion. I used to…

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