The Alien Hunter

I recently discovered Derrel Sims.  He is known as the Alien Hunter.  That is right, he hunts down aliens because he was abducted when he was young.  Or he was visited.  Or he had something implanted in his body.  I really have no clue.  I did not spend that much time researching the guy.  Just look at how awesome his website is:

If you are going to hunt aliens, you might as well dress the part.  Looks like he should be trying out for a role in Tombstone.  He definitely likes to play it up that he was a cop.  If you are hunting aliens, definitely need to have a horse.  Obviously, this guy helped inspire Cowboys & Aliens.  And for that he should probably be thrown in jail.
My favorite part of the website is Mr. Sims great personal history.  This guy is a regular Leonardo da Vinci.  Here are some of his credentials:
-Martial arts expert–although he has had no former training.
-Ex-CIA Operative–he has no proof of this, just mentions it.  I guess this is to make him seem like he would know highly classified secrets.
-Master Hypnotist, he is certified.  Probably earned in a few weeks from some online course.  Not by becoming a psychologist or anything.
-Neuro Linguistic Programming Expert–this is a complete pseudoscience and something tells me all the rest of his certificates are probably along the crazy realm.
-Trained in Graphoanalysis…you know, looking at hand-writing and using it to predict stuff about personality.  A very firm science.
-Scuba instructor.  In case the aliens are in the ocean.  He will not be stopped.
I really need to get involved with this paranormal stuff.  Make up a bunch of credentials (hell, I may even get some of those cool certificates), develop a persona, and just become the go to expert about something completely made up.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I am thinking Maryland Goatman Hunter…

3 thoughts on “The Alien Hunter

  1. I am considered as an alien hunter though I prefer to call them S.E.A.L.S! Surveying . Extra~Intraterrestrial. Alien . Lifeforming. Specie! The question is are you serious enough to go to an Academy and understand this subject is beyond sheeples, Zombies, Or Mushrooms!
    Or can we consider the Hypothesis of what really exists and become a real alien hunter!
    Its just a choice!

    Brett St John Facebook Follow the white rabbit or take the blue pill!

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