The End of the Toyota Yaris

As most of you know, my car is a Toyota Yaris.  I bought it back in 2007 and recently just finished paying for it.  A few months ago I mentioned about searching for a new car, but then I got used to the not having a car payment.  I decided to hang onto it for awhile and try to save some money.

Naturally, anytime I try to make smart decisions, I end up screwing something up.  I was driving last week in the rain and my car hydroplaned again.  This was about the same time last year when my engine decided to explode.

Unlike the last time though, this hydroplaning incident did not go so well for me.  I hit the guardrail.  I was pretty shaken up after it happened and drove home (I was not that far from our place).  I honestly did not think I hit the guardrail all that hard, I figured it was just dented and scratched a good bit.  Boy was I wrong.

The insurance guy was amazed that I made it home.  He said the rims were bent and he cannot believe the tires still held air.  They totaled the car and gave me a check today.  I do not want another payment and I found an option.

A friend of mine recently bought a new car and had a 2007 Subaru Impreza that he was willing to sell me.  The car only has 91,000 miles on it and is in very good condition.  Plus, it is AWD, which will be great for traveling in the winter.

My goal is to get three years out of this car (or more) and then buy something.  I figure at that point we will be married and we should have a house.  I should be able to save some money and get whatever I want (within reason).

I will not lie that it was kind of sad as I cleaned out the Yaris.  I had almost 160,000 miles on the car.  I remember back in October 2011 when I hit the 100,000 mark.  Here is a crazy fact, if I work at my current location and keep this Impreza in good condition, after three years, I should be bragging about hitting 200,000 miles!  How insane is that?

Remember when I wrote the story about the bear attacking my car?  Or about the time a real deer almost destroyed the car.  How about my recent flat tire experience?  There was the entire Wal-Mart tire changing debacle.  Just so many memories.  We had an amazing journey together.  I will miss it.

This whole thing gave me a chance to update my keyring.  I took all the keys off that I do not use (I have so many keys for padlocks, yet I have no clue where any of these locks are located).  Hell, I even have a key to the backdoor of my old apartment, the one in Philipsburg.

That is pretty much what I was able to strip my keyring down to:  house key, car key.  What the hell else would a person really need?

So join me in lamenting the loss of my poor Yaris.  No longer will horny truck drivers look over to see if I am a cute teenage girl.  Yes that happens more often than I care to admit.   We can now celebrate that I finally moved up to the 20th century with power windows and locks!

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