The Engagement Party

We had our engagement party on Sunday.  It was at Lindsey’s mom’s house and Lindsey wanted it to have a fall theme.  Unfortunately the weather and the Pirates decided not to cooperate.  Instead of it being 60 degrees and everyone drinking warm apple cider, it was 85 degrees.  No one would have predicted that the Pirates would be playing in October either.  Despite all that, the party was a success and it was a great time.

The party actually started at our place because we had to make the decorations.  I was in charge of cutting pumpkins and scooping out the guts.  I hate doing this.  It was either that or feeding strings through leaves.  I decided it was easier to do the pumpkins.

Look at those pumpkins.  I did a fantastic job.  Lindsey did a pretty job with those strings.  She worked so hard that she ended up passing out.  It is really hard to poke holes in leaves and then run some string through them.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Bedford.  We wanted to go to the apple orchard there in order to buy some apples for the party.  Lindsey wanted to use apples as cups for the cider.  So we had to pick out some really big apples.

We then went to her mom’s house in order to make the chili.  The menu for the party was three different kinds of chili.  Again, it is October and it should have been somewhat chilly, get it?  I crack myself up.

It only took about eight hours, but then all the food was basically ready to go.  We came back Sunday afternoon in order to set the last few things up.

The party ended up going quite well.  My family came over and met Lindsey’s family, which was the real point of the party.  We played a little cornhole (Adam and Lora beat Lindsey and I) then watched the Pirate game.

Lindsey really does love organizing these kinds of things.  I have a feeling that I will be decorating for parties for the next fifty years.  I need to hit the lottery so I can hire someone to do all the work.

These are bags of popcorn.  They say “He popped the question.”  Get it?  So cute…

These are the best cookies ever.  Lindsey’s mom makes them.  They are pumpkin cookies with icing.  I can seriously eat fifty of them each setting.

I am actually proud of the pumpkin coolers.  I had to carve the inside of the pumpkin out enough that a glass bowl could fit in it.  We put chips in one and beer/ice in the other two.  I actually had to trim the inside rim so that the bowl could fit in without poking out the top.  You can see that the first one I did was actually sticking out.

The three kinds of chili were:  regular, white chicken, and pumpkin chili.  I think everyone liked the white chicken the best, but the pumpkin chili was also super good.   The regular chili was great as well.

Lindsey’s aunt backed some apple pies for the occasion.

Lindsey is enjoying her hot spiced apple wine.  I have no clue how many of those she drank.  Unfortunately her apple cup idea did not work.  It turns out that apples have tiny holes at the bottom.  Also, you can only get about three ounces of liquid in an apple cup.  Who wants that?

This pumpkin dip was amazing.  I am pretty sure everyone loved it.  It was pretty much the easiest recipe ever too.

I bought Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Redd’s Apple Ale, and Johnny Rails Pumpkin Ale.  The pumpkin ale was actually really good.  I am not one to usually like that sort of thing, but this was a beer that did not leave that funky aftertaste.