Watch My Purse!

Every guy who is in any kind of relationship with a girl has heard this before “watch my purse while I go to the __________.”  This is probably one of my favorite things that Lindsey says to me.  Aside from “I love you” obviously…

It never fails, we will be at a restaurant or at the movies, or wherever, she will tell me that she has to pee and as she gets up, she will order me to watch her purse.  Like I was going to allow someone to come over to our booth and grab her stuff.  I could understand if it was like our first date or something, but it’s been a few years, I realize you are leaving your purse behind.

When I get up, I just assume that she will guard my stuff.  Not that I ever have stuff, but if I have a jacket, I do not have to say “hey hun, make sure no one comes by and snags my coat.”  It is a given, right?

This is my first post ever written with a picture of a purse.  I can say that with 100% certainty.