2013 Baseball Prediction Results

So how did I fare this season with my predictions?  Well the biggest one that I missed was this year’s National League MVP:  Andrew McCutchen!  I am 100% fine with getting that one wrong.  I am also quite happy about being wrong about how the Pirates finished the season.  Let’s have a look at how I did with the rest of MLB.

AL East
I was 0-5 with this division.  Pretty tight division though, since four of the teams had winning records.  Unfortunately, my division winner did not fare so well this season.  Also, the Rays did not trade David Price during the season.  Seriously, that would have been a cool prediction.

AL Central
Hey, this was one was a little better:  1-4.  I at least got the Tigers right.  I did not think the Indians would even come close to winning this division.  I was right about Eric Hosmer having a better year.  I was almost right about Chris Sale, he went 11-14 (although, he was still pretty good).

AL West
My best division yet!  I was 3-2, just mixing up the Angels and Athletics.  I was right about the A’s being good enough to compete in this division, hell they won the damn thing.  Also, I nailed the Astros losing more than 110 games.  I got most of those trades right, but the Astros decided to hang on to Altuve.

NL East
I thought for sure that this would be an easy division to predict, but instead I went 1-4.  If the Nationals did not start off so poorly they could have made a nice run at the Braves.  I was right that the Mets and Marlins would be bad and that the Phillies season hinged on people being healthy.  I was half right about Bryce Harper, he only hit 20 HRs, but people still hate him.

NL Central
Another division that I went 1-4.  Great job idiot!  I was also completely wrong about the Cardinals trading Matt Adams.  I have a feeling that one may come true during the off-season.  At least I was right about the Cubs being terrible.

NL West
I will say that I was 3-2 in this one.  Why do you ask?  well the Padres and Giants were tied, so you could almost say that the Padres were in 4th, right?  Whatever, these are my rules.  I got the Dodgers and the Rockies right.  I was also right that the division was not really that strong.

In the playoffs I basically got the Tigers losing in the ALCS correct and I predicted that a NL Central team would lose in the World Series.  That is really not all that good.  I did predict that the Pirates would have a winning record, as well as the Royals not having a losing record.

So I was 9-21 this year.  That has to be one of my worst years ever.  I will do better next year.