Fantasy Football Week 11

I have now won two in a row!  It was nice beating Sean especially since he kicked my ass last week in his league (which I lost again for the fifth straight week).  It was nice to see Dwayne Bowe actually do something for a change.  As per usual though, one of my guys has to have a terrible week…lookin’ at you Marvin Jones.

This week I take on Pat, who is in first place since Offord lost this week.  Pat has won eight in a row and unfortunately, I am not sure if I am the team to stop him.  I moved into fourth place with a 6-5 record and trail Jarrod by one game.  My brother got crushed by Dustin and is now in 9th place with a 4-7 record.  Not looking good Adam…especially since he takes on Jarrod this week.  Must be the battle of former roommates this week.