Fantasy Football Week 9

What a frustrating loss!  All the Steelers had to do was hold Tom Brady to under 60 points.  Most of my players hit their projections or beat them.  Except for Vincent Jackson, but I will not hold it against him.

I did not start Dwayne Bowe and he finally had a game over ten points.  I have a feeling that after his bye week (maybe his bum leg will be healed by then) he may have some bigger games.  Although, Alex Smith is not really the kind of QB who likes to throw it too far downfield.

I am currently in 9th place with a 4-5 record.  My brother is in 8th place after losing to Pat 115.60-114.70.  His matchup was pretty crazy.  He had six players on a bye week, Pat had four on bye (including Peyton Manning).  If Aaron Rodgers does not get hurt last night then Adam probably wins (Adam had Boykin and Nelson).

Offord also lost, but remained in first place with Pat only 45 points behind.  This week I take on Amanda, who is in 4th place.  I need a win to stay relevant.

Over in Sean’s league, I lost again and dropped to 5-4.  I am in second place in the division behind Sean.  This week I take on Sean and I desperately need a win.