Old People Say the Darndest Things!

To say it has been a rough week for Lindsey and her family would be an understatement.  Two of her family members passed away last week.  One of the things I learned during this was that old people can sometimes say the funniest things.  Here are a few exchanges heard the past week or so.

-Lindsey’s uncle was talking to this couple and they said they just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.  Her uncle congratulated them and said “well hope you celebrate many more.”  The old lady looks at him and says “I hope not!”

Now that could mean either she thinks they will be dead in a year, or they will be divorced.  Maybe they have some kind of pact where they get divorced and start dating after year 62.  Seems pretty plausible.

-Her great-aunt was saying how she had lost her sisters and that she was upset that she was never included with them.  She is 96 years old and she proudly announced that she would be next to go.  Someone told her that she did not know that and she still had a few more years left, she said “I better not, I do not want to live to 100.”

It really must be the thing to do when you get older.  Make young people feel uncomfortable by making comments about death.  I guess at some point though you just have to accept the inevitable.  That must be a very weird moment in life.

There was one other moment that made me laugh.  Actually it made everyone laugh.  When we came back to the funeral home on the day of the funeral, Lindsey’s other uncle looked at the body and said “hey, he’s still here.”  It was funny because it seemed like he meant to say it to his wife next to him.  Instead everyone heard it.

Everyone chuckled, mainly because you just did not expect it from that uncle.  Also because it added some levity to what was going to be a very sad and difficult day.  You really do need those moments or else it will be too solemn.

I also noticed that many people start discussing how they want their viewing/funeral.  I think about this stuff as well (Lindsey hates even mentioning that sort of stuff).  We heard at least three people say “I want people to do __________ at my viewing.”  Sometimes they were joking, sometimes not.

Okay, this got a little long-winded.  Sorry about that.