Reliving My Youth

Awhile back when Lindsey and I went to my mom’s house, we decided to take some of my old stuff.  One of those things was the board game Risk.  I put it in the closet and we had not played it yet, until tonight.  We pulled the game out and played a game.

I cannot even imagine how many games of Risk I played as a kid.  My Uncle Shawn and I played all the time during the winter months.  My brother played the majority of the time and sometimes different relatives would join in as well.

In college a few of us started playing again.  It was actually one of the few things we did that did not involve getting drunk.  I know, that sounds pretty crazy.  One thing I have always known is that I am fairly good at the strategy portion of the game, but very bad at rolling dice.  Ugh, I can attack a country with ten armies and roll straight ones three times in a row.  I have done it before.

Flashforward to this evening.  I was explaining to Lindsey how to play and decided to take it easy at first.  She caught on fairly fast and decided to destroy me in North America.  I thought for sure she would play it conservative and try to fortify Europe.  Instead, she went for it and her gamble paid off.  She beat me!  There will be no mercy in the second game!

I wonder if there is a Risk group that meets around Ebensburg?  That could be a way for me to meet and make some new friends.  Also, I need to get a new Risk set, mine is pretty old and in bad shape.  Although, if I get a new one, I want some friends to play against…

4 thoughts on “Reliving My Youth

    1. I was just reading about it. Seems like it would be very fun if you belonged to a group that plays all the time (apparently there are changes that can happen each time you play, like if you achieve something and it says to destroy a card, you are to physically destroy the card, removing it from the game…seems weird to me, but would be cool if you and a group of friends played all the time).

      I did find an online version of risk, that is free, and you do not have to be present for the entire game (it says that a single game can take a few weeks).

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