Weather and Schedules

It is that time of year again, where we start getting snow.  And with the snow comes all sorts of stupid stuff.  People see snow and they cannot help become idiots.  Take yesterday for example.  I am driving to work and two PennDOT plow-trucks decide to salt the road side-by-side.  The roads were not bad at all, and I am sure they were just being proactive, unfortunately they were going 20 MPH on the interstate.  No one could pass either of them.  There was a line of cars.

I have been known to have a little bit of a temper.  Not something crazy, but I tend to let everything roll off me and then after awhile I will just snap.  I used to do this more often when I worked at Altoona.  Oddly though, I have calmed down a good bit and learned how to deal with it.  Unfortunately, there are times when I still get pissed and decide to punch an electrical box or something.

Anyways, I was starting to get pissed at these trucks.  It was going to make me late for work.  I hate being late for work.  Not that I would get in trouble or anything, I am the boss, but I feel like it looks bad and sets a terrible example for my employees.  After about ten miles, the one truck decides to turn off at an emergency pull off.  The guy in front of me lays on his horn and gives the PennDOT driver the middle finger.  Not like a quick flip of the bird.  I mean hardcore extended finger.  He did it for like ten seconds.

I never have that kind of road rage.  In fact, I do not think I have ever flipped someone the bird.  Lindsey sometimes exhibits a little road rage.  She just screams and growls at stupid motorists.  Not me though, I just shrug and say “whatever.”

On a separate note, now that the roads are getting bad and the weather has turned, please stop asking me how the roads were.  I drive 70 miles to work.  I go across two mountains.  I pretty much hit bad weather at some point all winter.

Hell, the other night I was leaving work, there was no snow.  I then hit mile marker 62 and it was a complete white-out.  A freakin’ blizzard!  Every car was going like five miles per hour.  And then at marker 58 it was over.  No snow at all.  That is what a typical drive to and from work is like for me.  So stop asking.

Speaking of work.  I need to take a second and explain something about my schedule.  I make my own schedule.  There are a set of parameters I have to follow, but for the most part, I am able to make sure that Lindsey and I have off together.  On occasion this does not work, but only rarely.

What I do is wait for Lindsey’s boss to do the schedule, which she sends to me, then I know which days off Lindsey will have.  Like I said, there are some times when I cannot be off with her.  For example, over the course of 2013, there have been exactly two weekends we were not off together.

So please, when Lindsey and I show up for an event, please do not say “Oh, how did you BOTH get off today?”  I am not picking on anyone in particular, both my family and her’s ask the question.  We usually just laugh and look at each other.  I get that my schedule is irregular, but I do receive two days off per week.  One weekend off each period (which is 28 days).  My work week goes from Tuesday to Monday.  Hopefully this will help people out.

Alright, that is it for me today, have a great day everyone!