Battling the Elements for a Coach Purse

Yesterday was pretty much the only day that Lindsey and I could go Christmas shopping together.  We decided to head to the Washington Outlets (mainly because Lindsey had a Coach purse that she HAD to exchange).  What the hell is a Coach purse?  I really have no clue, but I said “sure, let’s go!”

Unfortunately, a blizzard decided to try and stop us.  We had to ditch the car at one point and use a dog-sled to make our way across the frozen landscape.  As dusk approached we ran into a couple of nice Eskimos who helped us build an igloo.  It was very nice of them and very odd that they just happened to be near Pittsburgh.

Okay, so maybe none of that happened.  It actually went something like this:  we left Ebensburg early in the morning.  The roads were starting to get bad.  We were slightly nervous that we could get stuck in Pittsburgh (we know plenty of people, so this was not a huge deal).

Fortunately, someone I know is very grumpy when they are hungry, so we had to stop at the Valley Dairy in Blairsville.  As we ate breakfast a miracle occurred.  The snow stopped!  Maybe not a miracle, could be a natural weather occurrence.  From there it was easy sailing (or driving) to Washington.  The only crappy part was that it pretty much rained the entire day.  I hate rain in the winter.  Everything becomes so slushy and gross.

When Lindsey and I go shopping, we go all day.   And this was day was no exception.  We left the outlets and went to Monroeville and hit up a few stores there.  We got most of our Christmas shopping done, Lindsey was able to exchange the purse, and she was able to use the birthday present I got her (I bought her some gift cards to Loft, but there was a caveat:  she could only use them for jewelry or accessories, since she always complains she does not have enough of that stuff).  It was a very successful day.

We ate at a place called Patron Mexican Grille and it was pretty good.  As you can tell, Lindsey enjoyed her margarita.

The drive home was alright as well, the roads started to get bad about 15 miles from home, but other than that they were fine.  We basically missed all the bad weather.