Dear Hunters

Today is the first day of hunting season here in Pennsylvania.  I wish everyone the best of luck.  Sometimes I actually miss it.  Then I remember the parts I hated about it, getting up before the crack of dawn, being cold all the time, or just sitting around being bored.  The parts I loved though, that was when you would see a buck and your heart would start pounding as you took sight on it.

Anyways, the point of this post was to mention that if any hunters want to shoot a nice buck, there are two near my apartment.  I see the one just about every night driving home from work.  Looks like a pretty nice six point.  The other one is much bigger, probably an eight or ten point.  Nice big, thick horns.  That bastard likes to stand right next to the road in the morning, near the big house I want to buy.  Hell, one day in archery season, I was tempted to buy an arrow and just stop the car and stab him.

Again, good luck to everyone out there!