Fantasy Football Week 13

I was quite nervous Monday night.  I thought for sure that Drew Brees would put up 40 or 50 points and ruin my chances of a victory.  I should send a fruit basket to the Seahawks defense…

I ended the regular season 8-5 and in 4th place.  This week I take on Jessica, who beat me back in week nine.  By beating Offord, I knocked him out of first place, giving Pat the regular season league lead with a 10-3 record.  Offord and Jarrod both were 9-4.  My brother finished at 5-8 and in 8th place.

Over in the other league, I won for the second week in a row and finished the regular season 7-6.  I hope I can make a run in the playoffs.  It is not out of the question, since my running backs are all healthy now.