Fantasy Football Week 14

I went into Monday night needing 22.30 points in order to tie.  I had Jason Witten and Robbie Gould, which was almost exactly what they were projected.  Unfortunately, one of them scored 13 and it was not Jason Witten.  He had eight points in the first half, then nothing after that.  He only needed one more catch.  That son of a bitch.  I hate him more than Drew Stubbs!

Yes, I am that childish…

Anyways, I am playing for fifth place against Jarrod.  Pat takes on Jessica, Offord takes on Jason (that is weird to say).  If the two underdogs win, we could see a husband/wife finals.  That would actually be pretty cool.

Over in the other league, I won my playoff game in somewhat dramatic fashion.  I was losing 76-67 Monday.  I only had Matt Forte left.  It took awhile for him to finally get the ten points to give me a win (then he decided to tack on 13 more points).  At least I am still alive in one league.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week 14

  1. Jessica wanted me to ask you if you were upset you got beat by a girl. She’s childish like that. Maybe not “draw a dick in Jason Witten’s hands” childish, but maybe a step or two below.

    If we upset the top two seeds this weekend, can your championship be forever known as the Kelley Bowl? How about the Kelley Cup? 😀

    1. Not upset at all…clearly. I always use my artistic talents to make fun of players.

      I will bring it up during next week’s meeting with the league’s board of directors. It would either be that, or we are discussing selling the naming rights on ebay…I am guessing People’s Natural Gas would pay a large fee to get their name involved in this major event.

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