Fantasy Football Week 15

Another close loss…you would swear my team had Tony Romo!  Congratulations to Jarrod for beating me and earning that fifth place trophy!  If you would have told me that the Chargers would beat the Broncos, I would have assumed that Rivers would have a big game.  Stupid running game…

None of you are reading this to hear about how I did though, you are dying to know who made it to the finals.  Would we have a Kelley Bowl?  Could it be a husband & wife grudge match?  Unfortunately the answer is no.  Offord decided to crush Jason pretty handily.  Jessica did upset Pat by a pretty large margin.

Down in the loser’s bracket, my brother beat Dustin to face Amanda in the 7th place game.  Hey, at least they get to participate this week.  My season is over.  Amanda beat Sean in a pretty thrilling, high scoring shootout:  239.80-219.10.  Yes Sean, it does suck that you would have won every other matchup.

Over in Sean’s league, I lost to the number one seed, mainly because Matthew Stafford decided not to show up this week.  Thanks Matt!  Sean won his matchup in that league and he is going for the title, good luck!