How We Spent Christmas

The holidays are always tough for Lindsey and I.  We try to see everyone, but it is just so tough.  It would be easier if our families would just move closer to each other, or just closer to us.  That seems like the most obvious solution.

Luckily, we were able to use my families Christmas party, which was on the 15th as a way to see the majority of my family.  Lindsey and I were both off Christmas Eve, so we went to my mom’s house and exchanged gifts on the 23rd.  We stayed the night and the next day we were able to head out to my grandparents to see them and my dad.

We left Philipsburg and made our way to Johnstown to spend the night at Lindsey’s mom’s house.  There was a quick stop at our place in order to exchange our gifts.  We did the gift thing that night with Lindsey’s family.  The next morning we got up and made our way to her aunt’s house for lunch.  We played some games and whatnot, then had to go out to her dad’s (actually we went to his girlfriend’s place to exchange more gifts).

We finally made it home around 9:30 and had to unload all the stuff we got, plus all the clothes Lindsey had to take for a two day trip.  Seriously, she packed like we were going away for a month.  She is silly.

So what all did I get, that is really what you are waiting for, right?

Well you can see the majority of the stuff, but here is a list:
-Pair of brown Doc Martens
-Gray sweatpants/hoodie
-Workout clothes
-Puffy vests
-Michael Kors tie
-Transmitter for my car (to play an iPod or phone)
-Heated mattress pad
-32″ LED TV for our bedroom
-Croyle Sign
-Pictures from Kayla and Adam’s wedding
-Cash/Gift Cards

Notice that we have paper towels and toilet paper in there.  On the way out, we were able to snag some from my mom’s house.  She does not mind, but it is fun to pretend like we were pulling off some major heist.
At one point in the day, Lindsey decided to chug an entire bottle of champagne.  I swear she only did it to force me to drive.  Okay, that is not true, there was nothing left in the bottle.  And she still drove all over Johnstown because I get lost in that huge city.
 This is Aubrey and she is yelling about something.  I think she was screaming for everyone to stop taking pictures of her.  Either that or she was yelling at my brother for calling her a hipster.  I could not resist buying her that hat.

So you probably wonder what I got Lindsey.  I bought her some new tank tops (her old ones she wears everyday are so gross and ratty, I just want to throw them away), an ice scraper for her car, and a sweater blanket.  Oh, and I bought her this snowflake necklace (there are also matching earrings).

It was a great Christmas and I thank everyone who made it such a special day!