I feel like such an asshole.  I was driving home from McDonalds last night and I was eating some of my french fries.  My hands were a little greasy, so I decided to wipe them off.  As I did this, I accidentally bumped the horn.  The car in front of me hit their brakes.  I am sorry guy driving the 1993 blue Dodge Dakota.  You were doing nothing wrong, in fact, you were a fantastic driver.  Please accept my apology.

I can only imagine what was happening in that Dakota.  It looked like a father and son, probably on their way home from hunting.  The son missed a big buck today and was pretty upset about it.  The father was consoling him.  Probably saying something like “do not worry son, there are always other bucks.  Shooting a big one is not the important thing, nope not at all.  The important thing is…”  BEEEEEEP!!!  “What the hell was that?  Why is this asshole honking his horn at me?  Oh shit, did I run a stop sign back there?  I hope not.  What if a cop saw us?  Son, reach in that glove box, there is a bag of mari–I mean oregano.  Yeah, there is a bag of oregano in there.  Grab it and toss it out the window.  Daddy cannot go back to prison.”

Sorry Dodge Dakota guy!  Hope I did not ruin your day because of my greasy McDonald’s fries fingers…

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