More Fun With Ebay and Maps!

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I decided to sell my comic book trade paperbacks on Ebay recently.  It was a tough decision, but as some of you know, it was something that had to be done.  That is not really the story though, this post is about the fun things you notice when you sell a bunch of stuff on Ebay.

-I have already sold over $1000 worth of trades, and only spent about $150 in shipping.  Not terrible I suppose.

-People crack me up.  They want to save all this money, for example if I list a trade that cost me $14.99 for $9.99, I will receive a message offering me $9.  Also, these are used books, but people still want to know if they are in mint condition.  I always say that they have been read, but otherwise are in very good condition.  People then want to haggle the price.  I used to be amenable, but now I just respond with “sorry, the price is set.”  If you want a brand new copy in pristine condition, go to a book store.

-For some reason plenty of guys named Ryan read comics.  I think four of the books I sold went to someone with that name.

-Speaking of names, “J” is the most popular starting letter.  22% of the items sold have started with a “J”, and one of those people was a Josh.  That made me happy and I almost wanted to give him a discount.  I did not because that would be silly.

-Of all the packages I have sent recently, only one was to someone in Pennsylvania.  That seems odd to me.  It feels like the majority end up going to either Illinois or California.

-Two different people in El Paso, TX bought stuff from me.  I wonder if they are friends?  Also, someone bought stuff from Brooklyn, I was going to ask the guy if he knew Gideon.

-Three of the purchases were made by females, which does not mean anything in particular, but I just found it odd.  One of those ladies was from Altoona…Iowa.  Did you know there was an Altoona in Iowa?  I did not either.

-I shipped stuff to people from Michigan State, Clemson, and Texas.  They probably need them to read during their school’s bowl games.

-One guy from Las Vegas bought two items.  Unfortunately, he did not message me with the first item and say “hey, I am bidding on other items, so you may want to hold off on shipping.”

-I also got excited because I thought that Blake Griffin won an auction.  Then I realized that the gentleman spelled his last name wrong.  It also occurred to me that Blake Griffin probably does not need to buy Artesia & Artesia Afield on Ebay.  He can probably just go to his LCBS and pay regular price.

-It blows my mind which books actually get many bids and which ones get none.  If I was going to make predictions beforehand, I would have said that all of the Batman books would receive bids.  That stuff like The Maxx would probably not sell.  Would I have been wrong!  Here is a little pictorial of everything that has sold so far including the picture up above:

This one and the one below it were some of the more popular, but of the Batman comics I listed, these were not the ones I expected to sell very easily.

Pretty much one guy bought all the Flash comics.

Tower of Babel sold for $34!  Why?

This made me cry a little.

I am almost offended that someone bid on this.  I think I only paid $6 for it when a bookstore was going out of business.

You have to be 18 to create a PayPal account right?  Crossed is definitely not appropriate for children.  Or adults who are squeamish.  Or anyone who is sane.

I sold the five Promethea books together.  I put the minimum bid pretty much at what I paid for them, hoping that no one would bid, but a few people did and this was one of the few that I made a little money on.

Someone offered me a good chunk of change for The Walking Dead 3-15, so I lumped them together.

I wonder how many people have scrolled through all these pictures?  I should offer some sort of prize for sticking around.  Or how about I just post a link to the rest of my auctions?  That is a great idea…