NFL Pick ‘Em Week 17

I only went 9-7 last week, which helped bring me to 103-131 for the season.  This week looks like it will be a difficult one to predict.  So many teams could rest players for the playoffs.  And yes, I am holding out hope that the Steelers could make the playoffs, so I picked with that in mind.

My brother had a losing record at 7-9 and is now 122-112.  That bad week hurt him in the chase of my record last year since at this point I was 127-110.  I am actually pulling for him to have a good week.  I want to see him beat me.  Gives us all something to shoot for next year.

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work last night and I found a station from Cleveland, WTAM1100 (why can I pick up a Cleveland station on the way home, but not the Altoona ESPN station when I am 15 miles away?).  They had a funny promo about the upcoming Browns game, which I wish I could find online.  It was basically about the Browns being terrible, which made me laugh since it was a Cleveland station.