Penn State vs Pitt Wrestling Match

My brother and I went to the PSU/Pitt Dual Meet on Sunday.  Adam was nice enough to buy me tickets and it turned out to be a pretty cool match to go to since it was at the Bryce Jordan Center.  I have not been to a wrestling match in a few years and it was definitely a lot of fun.  I used to go to the state wrestling tournament every year, my favorite thing was probably keeping a program and following all the matches.

Penn State defeated Pitt pretty easily.  This was the first college match I ever attended and I need to point out that it was actually kind of boring.  Maybe that had more to do with Pitt’s style (which seemed to be very passive, you could probably count on two hands all the shots they took).  It also may have had something to do with it being at the BJC instead of Rec Hall.

This is one of those few times where high school sports trump college.  At a high school dual meet between two very good schools you hear the fans getting into it.  The guys not wrestling sit on opposite sides of the gym and the cheer for their teammates.  I have seen fans get into fights in the stands.  It can be an electric atmosphere.

The reason the match was at the BJC was that Penn State wanted to break the NCAA attendance record for a wrestling match held by Iowa.  They beat it at 15,996.  That is now the third time I have been at an event where an attendance record was set.  Obviously the Pirates/Reds game, and I saw Michael Jordan and the Bulls take on the Sixers.  At the time it was the highest attended basketball game in Pennsylvania history.

As you can see from the picture, we had pretty awesome seats.  Thanks Adam for taking me to the match.  Maybe we should go to districts this year…