Should He Stay or Should He Go?

As most Penn State fans have heard, Bill O’Brien is at the forefront for a few NFL jobs, especially the Texans head-coaching position.  I have already heard people calling him a turncoat and saying how it is ridiculous that he would leave.  I hate hearing those sorts of things. 

What do people expect?  O’Brien to stick around for fifty years?  This is the way of the world in college football.  As soon as a coach does well, they either go to a better school or they head to the NFL.  Here is a list of the current college coaches, only four of the coaches have been there before 2000.  Hell, including those four, there are only eight coaches who have been at their schools for ten or more years.

There are 102 coaches that have less than five years at their current university.  And yet, people expect Bill O’Brien to stay until the end of time?  Remember when he was hired and people thought he was terrible because he was not a very good offensive coordinator at Duke? 

He did a great job during his two years here.  No one thought that Penn State would be able to get a big name coach because of the scandal.  Once the sanctions came down, people said they would be set back ten years.  They would be lucky to win games.  He proved everyone wrong.  He led the Nittany Lions to two good seasons and was able to get Christian Hackenberg to come to PSU.  For all of that, I thank him.  If he leaves, I wish him the best of luck. 

What would it mean for the future?  Well PSU would be in a much better position to hire another coach.  I think they should go after Mack Brown.  I cannot believe that Brown will just retire, so why not go after him.  I like him better than Greg Schiano.  Granted, Brown may only be around for a few years, but have we not established that to be the case already?

Also, for all the Penn State fans saying that Christian Hackenberg will probably leave now.  Please explain why he would do that?  If he transfers to another school, he would have to sit out a season.  Unless he goes down a level, but why would he do that?

So Penn State fans, take a deep breath. The future is much better than it was two years ago.  Be happy that we got to enjoy two seasons of Bill O’Brien.