The Best of 2013: A Look Back

I enjoyed doing a best of list last year, so I figured I would do it again.  Hey, I can do whatever I want, I am the boss. 

Best Book:  This is an odd one.  I read a few books this year, but I also began listening to audiobooks while I drive.  Should I make this two categories?  I feel weird saying that I “read” an audiobook.  I would have to say that my favorite of the year was The Way of Kings

Best Movie:  This was a toss up between Man of Steel (I know, everyone else hated it) and Gravity.  Actually, the movie that I enjoyed the most and really made me think was definitely Blackfish.  Would anyone have bet money that a documentary would be me favorite movie this year?

Best Song:  I think this was from 2012, but since Lindsey and I both really like it, then it gets the nod here.  The Lumineers-Ho Hey.

Best TV Show:  Hands down, Breaking Bad.  There will be no other argument or discussion. 

Best Fantasy Team:  None of them.  I was pretty mediocre in all of my leagues.

Best Sports Moment:  Obviously the Pirates entire season was amazing.  But being there to see them win their first playoff game in 20 years was absolutely amazing.
Best Moment:  There were so many awesome moments in 2013.  We went to a few nice places for vacation.  We went to a few weddings.  My brother got engaged.  I wrecked my car and then got a nicer one  So many great things.  But c’mon, could there have been a better moment than when Lindsey said yes

Okay, that is all I can really think of for now.  What were some of your bests this year?

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