Bombing Altoona…

I just heard about the Penn State Altoona kid, Vladislav Miftakhov, a Russian national, was arrested for having bomb parts.  He was charged with weapons of mass destruction and some other serious charges.  What the hell does all of that even mean?  Was he building a bomb that was capable of destroying most of the city?  Or is that just a charge that they can hit you with if they want to make sure you go away forever?  I am not trying to be funny or anything, I just want to know.  How scary is this situation?

It is terrible what happened in Columbia, Maryland today as well.  Something tells me that Vladislav would have gotten a bit more coverage on the national news channels had it not been for that tragedy.

Now, like I said, there is nothing funny about this whole thing.  I am just glad that nothing serious happened and that the city of Altoona is alright.  However, I am reminded of the movie Snatch