Hey Noah! Your Ark Sucks!

If you have been following the news at all, which I am sure many of you have been, you would have heard about the discovery of a tablet which describes the construction of an ark that is older than Noah’s and is not so rectangular, but instead a bit more roundish.  If you have not read about it, then here is the article.

I love this quote:

The British Museum says the detail contained in the tablet can be analysed by naval architects to determine if such a vessel could have actually sailed.

I am sure there will be a History Channel program where they recreate this round ark and see if it would actually be sea-worthy.  Or how long until Ancient Aliens gets hold of this?  I can see Giorgio Tsoukalos now…

“Whoever heard of a round boat?  Clearly these people were seeing a spaceship coming down and gathering two of every species in order to save them from some kind of global catastrophe.  This is obvious to anyone who hears this story.”

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