NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoffs Week 3

Hey, I went a whopping 1-2 last week since the Seattle game was a push.  Honestly, why do they make it so a game can be a push?  Just add a half point so there is either a right or wrong pick.  I am now 119-138.

Sean went 3-0, increasing his lead on my brother by two games.  I hate to break this to my brother, but his only chance is to be perfect from here on out.  He also may have to take the least likely picks.  He would pretty much want to pick whatever teams Sean does not pick, although, he cannot know Sean’s picks so it would be a guess.

Or I suppose he could just try to use his knowledge to try and pick the winners and pray to the lord that Sean picks the wrong ones.  I guess that would be the other way to go.  With sound advice like this, it is no wonder that I am 119-138 this season.

On a sidenote, I thought it was funny that for the tiebreaker you have to guess the score of each game.  This is always the case, only the two are the Sunday and Monday night games.  The second tie-breaker is to pick who will score the most and the least.  Normally this would not be a big deal, but…well I think you can figure this out.