NFL Pick ‘Em: Super Bowl

I forgot to save my picks for the championship games.  I would have been 1-1 and I would have a record of 120-139.  Unfortunately, now I am 119-140.  Oh well,  not a huge deal, since I am having such a great year.

Sean is the big winner, since he is two games ahead of my brother.  They both went 1-1 last week as well.  My brother was one of the few people who actually thought Denver would cover the spread.  I wonder if he actually believed that or if he was betting with his heart.  Or did he take my advice and go for broke by taking Denver and San Francisco?

I was tempted to do something with some of the prop bets, but then I remembered that they are usually dumb and no one cares if the first audible Peyton yells will be Omaha or Filibuster, or whatever it is he yells during games.

The real question is, who am I rooting for in this one.  I like Peyton Manning and my brother is a Broncos fan, so it would be nice to see them win.  On the other hand, the Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl.  I watched Super Bowl XL a few years ago and I realized that the Seahawks got screwed a bit by the refs.  I know, Steelers fans hate to admit that, but it is the truth.  So it would be good for them to win one this year.