Results of College Football Bowl Picks

Looks like I was the big winner of my bowl game pick ’em.  It was pretty close actually and I was losing after the first bunch of bowl games.  Luckily I did very well after the Michigan game.  My brother also did quite well.  In fact most people were above 50%, minus Matt, Dustin, and Aunt Sandy, who thought she was going to win it all.  Umm, last time I checked, you actually had to get one right (or remember to do your picks in order to win…)

In other great news, I managed to win the season long picks over at TIGO with a 70-56 record.  I was only 8-10 with my confidence picks though.  Oh well, it does not look like anyone was very good at those picks.  The bowl season was very exciting with Brad taking the lead, but then I regained it by going 8-6 in the final 14 games.  Good thing I took UCF and Duke to cover.