Sandstorm Lyrics

While I was driving to work this morning, the song “Sandstorm” came on the radio and I was trying to remember who it was by.  It was also a really odd choice of song for a pop station at 5:00 a.m., but that is neither here nor there.

I then wondered if the app SoundHound would be able to figure out what song was playing.  I always assumed that SoundHound used the lyrics to search for songs, but I tried to trick it before by playing a cover and it still got it correct.

So when I clicked search this morning, it instantly came up that it was “Sandstorm” by DJ Darude.  Then I noticed something kind of funny.  On SoundHound they display the lyrics and much to my surprise, they were able to show these lyrics for this song as well:

Do you think someone had to listen to this and figure out if it was 23 u’s in that dun or that it would be a triple dun here instead of a double dun.  And then Boom.

I want to listen to more techno now just to see how SoundHound spells out the lyrics.  Okay, that is probably not true, I am content hearing one or two techno songs per year.  Nothing against it, just not my thing.

Unless of course it is “Sandstorm” or the song from the opening of the movie Blade, which I always confused with “Sandstorm.”

I am not sure if this is suitable for work or not.  Although, if you are at work, should you really be watching videos?  Also, it is weird to me that Lem/Kozik was the dude that gets dragged to the party by Traci Lords.