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I honestly hope this statue is built.  Not because I am some Satanic Cult worshiper, but because I love when someone’s plan backfires.  Basically what happened was that Oklahoma put up a monument for the Ten Commandments in front of a government building.  Instead of just realizing the error in their ways and saying “you are right, we will remove the monument” they went with, “sure, other religions can submit proposals for monuments too.”  (I am obviously simplifying this whole thing)

They figured no one would submit anything because everyone in Oklahoma is Christian.  Oops.  They were wrong.  From what I have read in various places, they have received numerous monument requests, such as a Hindu statue.  Something tells me this is not what the good folks in Oklahoma had in mind.

My favorite part of the above video is the old guy saying that “the ten commandments are the basis of our legal system.”  Umm, really?  Where is the law that states you can have no other gods?  In fact, the first line of the statue is pretty much a contradiction to the First Amendment.

If the legal system follows these Commandments, how does that work in a court case against abusive parents?  Say the parents are molesting their kid and the court wants little Bobby to testify against his mom and dad, would he then go to jail for not “honoring thy mother and father”?

If Oklahoma decides to put up the Satan statue, it would probably help drive some tourism to the area.  I mean, every great rock band ever would want to go there to pay homage to it, right?  Since they all worship the devil.  Get it?  I need new joke writers.

It really is a cool looking statue.