I hate shaving.  Yes, I am stealing this opening line from Sean’s blog.  It is true though.  I do not think I would be like the Duck Dynasty guys or anything that extreme, but if I could, I would have a neatly trimmed beard.  Unfortunately, work does not allow a beard.

Explain to me what is so bad about the facial hair that I have in this picture?  I keep it trimmed quite short (which is not the same as shaving) and I still shave my neck line.  So what is the big deal?  Does this look any less professional than a goatee?  Yes, I am allowed to have facial hair.  If I wanted a mustache, that is not a problem.  Want a Fu Manchu? No big deal.  Hell, I could probably allow my side burns to grow past my ears and have a very wide goatee and no one would ever say a thing to me.  Unfortunately, the moment the entire face is covered in hair then you get in trouble.

I realize that this policy was probably from the olden days when beards were considered unprofessional or something and that no one has actually challenged the old rules.  The Place That Shall Not Be Named has updated the dress code and certain other appearance policies to better reflect the time we live in, but they must have missed the facial hair part.

Sadly, I do not want to bring this up to my bosses.  I feel like this could go the other way.  If I bring up how silly it is to allow goatees, but not beards then they may say “oh, you are right, no facial hair at all.”  I am sure a few people would kill me.  Plus I would need a new job.  Since I look ridiculous without facial hair.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes that is a little bit of gray in my hair.  I am okay with it.  I am shooting for the Reed Richards look.