Spring Cleaning in January…

I think Lindsey may be developing OCD.  She decided that we needed to clean the house.  Like a major deep cleaning of everything.  Okay, this is not a big deal.  She started in the kitchen, I did the living room.   Needless to say, my part is finished.  She is nowhere close.  She has been working on it for about 45 hours.

I am pretty sure she spent a half hour cleaning our coffee pot.  It is black and she kept freaking out that there was still dust on it.  DUST!  I am okay with being thorough, but this is a little ridiculous.

And if you notice, there is a gallon of vinegar on the table.  She is using it to clean.  I blame Pinterest for this one.  I hate the smell of vinegar.  It makes me gag.  And yet, my entire place smells like it.  I may vomit.